EPISODE 28: 2015 Upcoming

This week Fish and Connor reveal their most anticipated films of the year. From Star Wars to Terminator this year is going be HUGE! Fish and Connor Saw a Movie does not own any rights to any of the movies mentioned in this episode, their marketing or their soundtracks and no infringement is intended. The track ‘The Imperial March’ is performed by John Williams and the London Symphony Orchestra.

EPISODE 12: Star Wars VII and Jurassic World Preview

Over the last week, two huge things occurred in the world of film, the long awaited trailer for ‘Jurassic World’ and the ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ teaser were released. You’re favourite movie misfits, Fish and Connor are there to give you their thoughts! All topped of with a review of Aussie comedy-mishmash ‘Fat Pizza vs Housos!’ Fish and Connor Saw a Movie does not own any rights to the film ‘Fat Pizza vs Housos’, it’s merchandising or it’s soundtrack and no infringement is intended. The track ‘Sick Mate, Sick. Subwoofer’ is from the show Fat Pizza.

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